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Adele DiMarco

Adele DiMarco (she/her/hers) is the founder and lead steward of Yinovate, a boutique coaching & consulting firm focused on Organizational Health. With a background in neuroscience, anthropology & organizational behavior, her passion is igniting and fanning the flames of the innovative spirit in Executive Leaders who are on fire with the desire to improve the world.

Adele has supported over one hundred organizations and close to a thousand leaders using her one-of-a-kind approach (Yinovate ) that’s grounded in scientifically validated resiliency techniques used the by the US military and first responders. As a master coach, facilitator & certified HeartMath  trainer, her service has helped dozens of executive teams lead transformational growth within themselves, the communities, and companies they serve.


Adele’s work includes inspirational speaking engagements, one-on-one sessions and group executive coaching, team-led culture change, and the design and delivery of transformational leadership development courses. The Yinovate

process integrates multiple frameworks, including but not limited to; Emotional Intelligence, Neurobiology, Gestalt Systems Development, Positive Psychology, HeartMath Technology, and Racial Equity.

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