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Our Process

The journey to create a highly engaged, equitable and inclusive organization is both personal and institutional. We are motivated by the belief that everyone deserves to work, to exist, to be in a space where they are appreciated, where they belong, where their gifts are valued, and where they can thrive. When working with our clients, we support their vision and challenge their assumptions. Equius names elephants - we are not afraid to tell the hard truths with care and compassion.


Equius approaches client projects with curiosity and through a lens of equity. We work with an eye on the future and all the possibilities therein. We believe that it is essential to build the capacity of the individuals and organizations with whom we work.


We leverage research, scholarship, technology, qualitative and quantitative measures, assessments, and other tools to move your individual or organizational work forward. We enable clients to have conversations and address issues that you would have difficulty navigating on your own.

We help clients connect the dots by identifying individual and organizational patterns that no longer serve you and support creating new ones that will advance your success. We believe that transformation is complex and requires focusing on heads and hearts, individual behaviors and organizational structures for sustained change. We ask tough and meaningful questions, listening to what is and is not said. We build the organizational capacity of clients so you can continue the work after the engagement is complete. We use our heads and our hearts and encourage clients to do the same. We walk on the bright side, helping clients see the possibilities and enabling you to drive positive change.

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