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What We Do

We believe that moving toward your desired state requires a clear grasp on the “what is.” We employ a variety of both quantitative and qualitative tools to gain perspective on the organization’s current state, ultimately developing recommendations and a roadmap to achieve your goals. Common assessment areas include employee engagement, organizational climate, and racial equity, diversity, equity, and inclusion (REDEI).


Learning and Development

Equius partners with organizations to create compelling learning experiences that grow awareness, expand knowledge, and develop skills that enable participants to become even more amazing. We use a variety of modalities including in-person and virtual learning. Our team offers trainings, learning labs, retreats, and facilitated dialogues along with a myriad of other learning experiences.


Building Equitable and Inclusive Organizations 

Constructing an organization that authentically integrates equity and inclusion requires viewing it as essential and pushing beyond mere initiatives or projects. Whether you have been focused on equity and inclusion for a long while or are just starting your journey, Equius has a solution for you. We can help you assess the current state of racial equity or diversity, equity and inclusion more broadly, serving as strategic partners in identifying barriers that may be obstructing progress and assets that will support you on your journey.


Organizational Assessments

At Equius, we know that moving towards your envisioned state first requires understanding the “what is.” To this end, we leverage a wide range of quantitative and qualitative tools to attain a comprehensive view of your organization’s current state. This thorough analysis allows us to formulate well-founded recommendations, goals and a strategic roadmap that paves the way toward accomplishing your desired outcomes. Our assessments encompass crucial domains such as employee engagement, organizational climate, and racial equity, diversity, equity and inclusion (REDEI).


Board Development and Support

Boards are an essential part of high performing organizations, playing a critical role in transformative organizational change. At Equius, we work with Boards to examine and improve their practices around recruitment, building inclusive cultures, and decision making through an equity lens. Additionally, we partner on strategy development, trainings, and Board retreats. We support Boards in getting aligned with one another in service of realizing the mission and vision of the organization.


Leadership Development

At Equius, we believe leadership is more than a position, it is a set of behaviors that can be embodied by employees at all levels of the organization. We help all leaders build trust, steer change, navigate resistance, put equity into practice, and much more. Our approach to this work means ensuring that our organizational partners have the capacity to drive change and move forward with the work that we began together long after our engagement has concluded.


Employee Engagement

As the ways we think about work are changing, focusing on engagement is more important than ever. Equius can partner with you to assess your workforce’s level of engagement and provide actionable recommendations to increase engagement. We believe data tells an important story and we spend time exploring the data to help you leverage what is working and interrupt patterns that are not serving your organization or your employees. We can also help you recognize whether there are certain segments of your population that are more likely to be disengaged based on disaggregating your data.


Healthy and High Performing Teams

At Equius, we believe employees are the most important asset in organizations. Teamwork, though, is sometimes easier said than done. We specialize in fostering the growth of robust, high-performing teams within organizations. Our approach revolves around empowering team members to cultivate psychological safety, fostering a cohesive collaborative framework, identifying and rectifying unhealthy dynamics, and nurturing the capability to engage in pivotal dialogues. As a testament to our commitment, we openly share our own team's triumphs and trials, creating an environment of shared learning and progress.


Coaching (Individual ● Team)

Equius takes an integrated approach to coaching, acknowledging the intricate dimensions of human experience: thoughts, emotions, actions, and perspectives. Our aim is to foster profound and enduring change, reaching beyond mere behavioral shifts. We focus on holistic growth, recognizing the interconnectedness of various aspects of the self or group, promoting a genuine and lasting change.

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