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OutLoud Podcast

The OutLoud Podcast is hosted by Equius Group, a Black woman-owned, organizational development firm whose work is advancing organizations, communities, and human flourishing through systems change, capacity building, and cultural transformation.  

James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” In a time when talking about diversity, equity and inclusion, racial justice and social justice is becoming more controversial by the day, when there is sometimes more calling out than calling in and when organizations and people are walking on eggshells, we will not be silent. OutLoud exists because our team wants to create a space to discuss the so-called undiscussable, a place where we can teach and learn in public.


At Equius, we help our clients build the competence and confidence to push through their fear of getting it wrong so that they can take actions that will create a more just, inclusive and equitable world one organization at a time – one human at time. 

At Equius, we take the work seriously but not always ourselves, we are fun and sometimes funny, we are smart, and we are not afraid to say hard things out loud.

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