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Rafaela Reyes, MPOD, CDP ® 

Consultant, Learning Solutions 

Rafaela Reyes (she/her/ella) is a dedicated advocate for positive change driven  by her strong sense of justice and compassion for humanity. At her core, she is  people-centered and always seeks connections and opportunities to learn from  others. She believes in the potential of organizations to drive meaningful  transformation where all can thrive. Rafaela believes Equius is the “real deal” to  help organizations, communities, and people achieve the genuine change they  seek.  

Rafaela brings a wealth of experience to Equius Group in the areas of organizational  development, employee engagement, leadership development, and diversity, equity,  inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). Throughout her career, she has been a trusted partner for clients using her curiosity and inquisitive nature to help them become the catalysts  for change themselves, fostering healthier, more inclusive and effective work  environments.  

Rafaela holds a Bachelor of Arts, Spanish and Interpersonal and Public Communication  from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Science in Positive Organizational  Development and Change (MPOD) from Case Western Reserve University. Additionally, Rafaela holds various certifications that support her work in the field.  

Rafaela has a heart for racial and social justice as well as a love for world cultures and has traveled to 17 countries. Her eagerness to speak Spanish and her enjoyment of the  rich diversity across northeast Ohio exemplifies her dedication to embracing and  celebrating differences. 

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