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Alicia A. Love, MILR  

Project Director & Consultant

Alicia Love (she/her/hers) is determined and data driven, analytical and  amazingly dedicated to whom and what she cares deeply. At the heart of her  work with Equius, Alicia likes to build organizations, make them better, and  optimize what they do. Alicia is engaged in her community and loves to connect  with those around her. She believes in the Equius team’s brilliance and the  transformation our clients seek. 

As Equius Group’s Project Director and Consultant, Alicia has over 20 years of human  resources experience in the corporate sector working with senior leaders to design  effective HR strategies and implement HR programs to achieve business goals. As a  trusted advisor, Alicia helps leaders grow their skills in creating cultures of  engagement and inclusion. 

Her clients would say that one of the strengths Alicia brings to the table is the ability  to see patterns and connections in seemingly disparate information and discovering beneath complex surfaces an elegantly simple concept to explain why things are the  way they are. 

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from Georgia Tech and a  Master of Industrial and Labor Relations/Human Resources (MILR) from Cornell  University. Committed to civic leadership and engagement, Alicia has been an active  member of The Junior League of Cleveland for 15 years and has served in a myriad of  leadership roles including JLC President, 2017-2019. Alicia is a Board member of the Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center.

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